Sunday, May 25, 2014

Where's the Stock Market Crash?

If you follow the stock market pundits, you know that many of them have been calling, or at least warning of a crash for some time now. So, you have to wonder, where is it?

I mean, it's been years now. Some of my favorites have been calling for a 50 percent fall for so long the market would have to fall 50 just to get back to the level where they first made the call.

Now, anything is possible, and I dont know the future, but neither does anyone else. Generally, the market doesnt make big moves. Only rarely is there more than a 5 percent move in a month's time.  You have a better chance of losing 5 percent by moving your money in and out than having the market take a tumble.

So, my advice is, every time you feel like making a trade, do something else. I won't suggest to you what, but anything. Get a candy bar. Watch a movie. Et cetera. If you still feel like making a move later, make a smaller one than you planned.

And if think Pundits have the answers, read Macke and Brown's book, Clash of the Financial Pundits.

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