Friday, August 1, 2014

My Investor’s Toolkit

I am not really a technical trader, although I do think there is some benefit to watching the moving averages.  I just think the rest of TA is overdone. 

I am looking for an edge, either the best ideas or news that will allow me to be more proactive.  So, my toolkit is mostly bloggers and news providers.

Listed in the order that I generally use them.

Twitter – I follow all the big name traders, you know, the Fast Money guys, JC Parets, Jon Boorman.  Mostly professionals in the stock biz.  Also TV people like Becky, Maria, Mandy, Trish, Jane… well, you get the idea. 

Stocktwits – I have people I follow, generally not those that I follow on Twitter.  These are mostly amateurs, or hobbyists.  It’s more of a social thing  You can see who I follow there if you click on my name. – Generally business news and stock quotes.  Works best on my phone, an HTC One, which I don’t recommend. 

Yahoo Finance – More news and quotes.  I also like their charts, which allow you to compare multiple symbols, and are easy for a non-chart guy like me to follow.  I also use the historical price function which allows me to download daily prices to excel and manipulate them.  Did you know it is better to buy Apple on Monday vs. Friday, over time?  I don’t know if that knowledge is worth all that much, though.

There are a few bloggers I follow when I can.  I usually see the entries when they post a link on Twitter, but these I will actually look up: – Josh Brown – Barry Ritholtz – Eddy Elfenbein

I don’t care for Business Insider because it’s a bandwidth hog.  I will sometimes read the articles. 

I don’t watch much business TV any more.  If I can, Fast Money and once n a while that Cramer guy. 

Props to 1nvestor for the inspiration

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