Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why the $QQQ and $IWM fell more than the $SPY and $DIA

I saw this stat for the following indexes just now, as of April 4. Thanks ro @stockcats for posting it.

: % off the all-time intraday highs as of Friday's close -5.0% -5.4% -1.3% -1.7%
It looks like $IWM and $QQQ are down seriously.  Well, they are, from the recent highs.  

However, look at how far they are up from the 52 week low based on Friday's close. 

$IWM 28.4%
$QQQ 29.1%
$SPY 21.4%
$DIA 13.8%

So, it seems pretty reasonable for the small caps and Nazz to have the biggest decline, since they had the run-up to get there.  

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